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    Provide us with details about the watch you're looking for on our quick form below.

  • 2º Speak with an Expert

    An expert from our team will reach out to discuss in more detail about the watch you´re looking for.

  • 3º Authentication Process

    When agreement is reached, our team will authenticate your watch meeting our quality standards.

  • 4º Insured Shipment

    Once payment is completed, we’ll ship you your new watch within 24 hours in a fully insured packaging.

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Here no waiting list! Fill out our quick form about the watch you'd looking for to receive a competitive quote within 24 hours!


What watches can you locate?

Our team has access to a global network of dealers and can locate virtually any watch. Most watches can be located within 24 hours. Rare and unique watches may take longer to locate. 

How quickly will I receive a quote?

Once your submission is received by our team, we strive to have a quote within one hour. However, it may take longer to generate quotes for more rare watches.

How is my quote determined?

Your quote is determined by the current pricing on the secondary market. The condition of the watch and documentation sought will also impact pricing.

How quickly do I get my watch?

When agreement is reached and payment is completed, our team will reach out to our global network of dealers to secure your desired watch. We will typically receive the watch within 1-2 business days. Our team will inspect and authenticate your watch, ensuring that it is as described and meets our quality standards. Once confirmed, we will ship you the watch overnight via FedEx.

Do you accept international submissions?

Though we have a network of global watch dealers, we only accept client submissions within the European Union. We hope to expand and accept international request soon.